4 Great Options for Custom Windows in Denver

Custom Windows in DenverWhen your home has weathered the storms of winter and your windows are looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to think about their future for intense conditions ahead. It’s all too easy to think those beaten and battered windows could take another hit, but the reality is, damaged or worn windows affect more than just your street appeal, they affect your wallet too.

Do you really want to be spending your summer months stripping paint, chipping off rotten wood, and installing draft stoppers? Summer is a time of fun and water sports, not stress, manual labor and endless repairs.

So, when you’re tired of a sky-rocketing electric bill from drafts, and a poor street appeal from worn and tired windows, it’s time to invest in custom windows in Denver.

Not only do new windows give you a sense of house pride, but they also enable you to bunker down for many blustery winters without the wind blowing through the curtains, stealing all your expensive heat. Increasing your home’s value and decreasing your maintenance costs, there’s every reason to think about installing custom windows in Denver, today. We’ve outlined some great options below.

Bay and Bow Windows

If you’re looking to add character to your property, bay or bow windows are a great option. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing both inside and out, they are popular with thousands of homeowners throughout Denver. The best part is, bay or bow windows, when purchased from installation experts such as JDI Windows, come with a lifetime warranty. This means you can enjoy the energy-saving properties, added street appeal, and comfort, all with the knowledge that they are covered for manufacturer defects for life.

Bay or bow windows turn standard home appeal into something extraordinary, all by giving homeowners the option of using the interior space as a cozy nook, or as space for plants to soak up the sun. Why not look into adding a bay or bow window to your property today?

Picture Windows

When you’re looking for custom windows in Denver to stop the wintry weather from making its way indoors, picture windows may appeal to you. They are designed to function as a standard window – giving you a spectacular view over your property – but they don’t open. This gives you peace of mind that the window is sealed tight, without compromising your natural lighting or views. These are a preferred option for entranceways and in any space in your home where natural airflow isn’t a necessity.

Garden Windows

If you’re an avid gardener who fights a constant battle with finding enough room for all your cherished plants, garden windows could tick all the boxes. Featuring PVC vinyl framing, a 17-inch seat board, and insulated glass, they are a winning recipe for plants to thrive. They even offer a multi-point locking system for additional security, and a tighter seal, as well.

Patio Doors

Do you require more natural light, indoor/outdoor flow and a convenient exit method all in one? Patio doors could be for you. Offering a premium point of entry to your outdoor living area, they are becoming a popular option for families across Denver. They feature heavy-duty fiberglass, durable aluminum framing, an adjustable tension system and anodized tracks to resist corrosion. Built to last and ticking all the boxes for a range of homeowners; there’s every reason to install patio doors today!

Denver is a beautiful place to live, there’s no doubt about it. Summers are warm and long, and there’s plenty of outdoor activities to keep your family entertained for weeks. However, the trade-off is heavy snowfall and tough wintry conditions that can keep you confined to your home for days at a time. Don’t fall victim to a cold, damp home that can cause havoc for your family’s health. Invest in custom windows in Denver and take back control of your comfort.