How To Insulate Your Windows for Winter

Insulating your windows for Denver’s winter is just a matter of guaranteeing that you don’t have any cracks that let the cold drafts in and the warm heat out. 

Heat can escape through the seams, glazing, and frames. Fortunately, some remedies can help you keep the warmth inside during the cold months. 

Tips to Insulate Your Windows Effectively

Here are some pro tips for keeping your Denver home warm when it’s chilly outside by insulating your windows effectively.

Re-Seal Around Your Window Frame

If your windows are allowing cold air into your residence, the first thing you should do is inspect your caulking. If it appears damaged, it’s time to redo the seal with a window sealant. This product can be applied using a caulking gun. It’s crucial to remove all the old sealant before you apply the new sealant. Your best option is to use a sealant multi-tool.

Put Polyurethane Foam Insulation Around Your Windows

Over time, window frames become less fitted, and insulation materials become less useful. You can improve your window’s insulation by putting polyurethane foam around the edges. Since this product inflates, it’s perfect for filling in gaps around the frames. Use a foam gun to spray the correct amount of polyurethane foam with on-point accuracy.

Hang Thick Curtains to Insulate Your Windows

Thick curtains are excellent for keeping rooms warm and comfortable during the winter season. They halt air movement, establishing a valuable layer of insulation. Moreover, the right design and color add to the whole aesthetic appeal of the room. Meaning, you can make your space warmer and more attractive at the same time.

Install Thermoplastic Film on Your Windows

If condensation develops constantly on your windows during the cold months, the issue might be your window’s insulation has gone bad. A swift resolution is necessary because moisture can make your windows age rapidly. Installing thermoplastic film on your windows is an efficient way to manage the problem. It’s also a simple and easy technique to implement.

The task consists of installing a clear thermoplastic film to the whole window and securing it with double-sided tape. To help the film stretch and stay in place, apply a small amount of heat to the film using a blow dryer.

Insulate Your Windows to Prepare for Denver’s Wintertime

We know how crucial it is to insulate windows, especially to protect your home during the Denver winter months. Furthermore, insulating your windows brings comfort to your home while helping to decrease your energy bill.

Reach out to JDI Windows to discuss window insulation service for your home. As the best Denver window company, our experts can provide window insulation for any type of window, helping to keep you and your loved ones warm during the winter.

We’ll retain your windows’ current style while ensuring your windows aren’t compromised on performance. If you’re searching for the best way to insulate windows, contact us today for a free consultation.