Top Window Trends 2023

Creating the ideal interior design for your home isn’t all about the furnishings. The right window treatments could take your living space to the next level. From distinct materials and advanced technology, the top window trends for 2023 will keep your house looking its best all the time. 

Blinds and Shutters

Slatted window covers are back in style, typically with trendy natural materials such as pine or cedar that can accommodate several applications. Colored shutters or blinds let you deliver a pop of color to the interior and exterior of your residence.

Vertical Blinds

A well-liked choice with contemporary appeal is vertical blinds. You can tweak these blinds with just a flick of the wrist, bringing privacy and aesthetic appeal to your house. With vertical blinds, you can alter the brightness of any room simply and quickly.

Roller and Roman Shades

Classy and trendy, roller shades are clear-cut but can enhance a room with eye-catching designs. If you prefer the classic look, select Roman shades that fold gracefully and never become outdated. The distinct hues and patterns will bring visual appeal to any room.

Cellular and Honeycomb Shades

Famous for conserving energy, cellular shades fulfill any minimalist window trend. During the cold months, they keep out the chilly air and wind. During the warm months, they allow the setting inside your home to stay cool. These shades also go up and down like roller shades, however, they have the advantage of being one of the most energy-saving window treatments in the market.

Smart Home

Today’s homeowners are fully embracing the use of automation in home interior design. For example, they love motorized blinds, shutters, drapes, and shades, delivering convenience and letting you set a schedule for them to open and close. Furthermore, they help decrease your energy bill while increasing your home’s security. A bonus: modern automated window treatments allow you to control from your phone or tablet.

Layered Fabrics

A list of the top window trends of 2023 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning layered fabrics. They are amazingly functional and do a fine job of bringing depth and dimension to your living space. Layered fabrics provide energy savings, light control, and privacy.

Accented Hardware

When you combine trendy window treatments with high-quality accent hardware, it’s a blend that is hard to beat. Chrome-highlighted curtain ties or rods create an impressive room for you and your visitors. These small window accents will pull together the complete vibe of your room.

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