Can I Replace Small Windows with Larger Windows?

The cost to replace a small window with a large window consists of labor and materials. However, there are other charges to consider. Talk with your window replacement contractor about the specifics of your project before approving a contract. Window enlargement jobs are very detailed in your living space.

Honestly, if you’re going to invest in replacement windows, why not enhance the amount of natural sunlight coming into your house by getting larger windows?

Advantages of Larger Windows

Are some of the rooms in your home too dark because they don’t get any sunlight? There are several advantages to large windows:

  • An increase in natural sunlight can alter the mood of a room, making an individual feel better
  • Permits more ventilation with larger window openings
  • Boosts your curb appeal and property value
  • A better view of your outdoor area including your garden or landscape
  • A reduction in your monthly energy bill while increasing your home’s comfort level

Getting Started

To get started on your window replacement job, you want to schedule a consultation with a Denver window company. These professionals can let you know what your options are when it comes to replacing your small windows with larger ones.

Unlike just replacing your windows with a new style of a similar size, installing larger panes of glass will possibly necessitate slicing walls and structural beams.

Cutting Out a New Window vs. Enlarging an Existing One

Deciding whether you should cut out a new window or enlarge an existing one is contingent on what is structurally possible and your taste.

Creating new windows will entail getting rid of big parts of your wall. Inside your home, this means cutting into the wall and insulation. Outside your home, this means cutting into brick and siding.

Do a Walk Through Your Home

When you’re getting replacement windows, take time and do a walk through your home. Consider whether it would be better to replace a small window or just install a new larger one. Begin by determining which windows to alter from inside your home. Remember to think about how your new window will look from your home’s exterior.

Location, Size, and Style

Even though there’s no limit to how large a new window can be, you must keep a scale in mind when deciding on the size. Gauge the new window with the structure of your home so the window doesn’t appear out of place. You want to retain the structural integrity of your residence. Keeping the whole architecture in mind is the most trustworthy way to enhance the look of the project.

Let Us Replace the Windows in Your Denver Home

With our window replacement selection and skilled experts, you can be sure that any material installed in your residence will improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

At JDI Windows, we provide only the most dependable brands, such as Amerimax, with a track record of outstanding performance. Contact us today for a free consultation.