Can You Negotiate Window Prices?

Window Prices

New Denver windows can do more than just upgrade your home’s aesthetic. They’ll ensure energy efficiency and keep your living space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. New windows can also raise the value of your home if you’re hoping to put it on the market soon. With all these benefits in mind, the idea of new windows can be appealing. However, this home makeover won’t be cheap. The average cost for window replacement in the U.S. is about $650 for each window, according to Bob Vila.

Worried about the cost of new windows? Learn tips on how to negotiate prices and find the best deal.

Consider Your Actual Needs

The specific type of window size, shape, and material will affect the price range. So, it’s good to consider these factors first. Here are the average price ranges for the installation of several different types of windows, according to FIXR:

  • A double-hung vinyl window: Between $400 and $800
  • A single-hung fiberglass window: Between $600 and $1,000
  • A double-hung wood window with insulating glass: Between $650 and $1,290

If you need a window that’s crafted in a nonstandard shape or size, as a triangular window, expect to pay more overall. In additional, styles such as casement or gardening windows, can also add to the price tag.

Know Your “Walk-Away” Price

Once you know the type of window (or windows) you need, you can come up with a reasonable price range. Then, consider how your own budget fits within that price range. What price seems completely unacceptable to you? That price represents your walk-away number – as in, walk away from negotiations.

Set Your Sights High (At First)

Rather than telling the contractor how much you’re willing to pay for window installation, start with a lower price. This gives you and the contractor room to actually negotiate. Don’t expect the contractor to immediately agree to your lowest price.

Compare Your Options

Get quotes from multiple contractors. Which one seems to offer the best deal? Take your time with this step and collect as much info as you can. If you bring up competitor pricing during negotiations, some contractors will try to match the best deal their rivals are offering. They may either lower their own price or attempt to throw in some extra services.

Know the Right Timing

Many people tend to look for new window installation in the mild seasons of fall and spring. Perform your search in the summer or winter, when contractors are experiencing a dip in business. This can put you at an advantage during negotiations.

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