What is an Awning Window?

There are a wide variety of windows out there, and finding the right fit for your situation can sometimes be daunting. When looking for different types of windows, it’s important to consider brands that deliver a full range of products, like Amerimax windows in Denver. One of the most versatile windows out there are awning windows, because they can be installed in a multitude of places.

The style of windows need to compliment your home, and their design makes awning windows a versatile option. They can be installed in both horizontal and vertical, and there are plenty of different looks to fit in with numerous preferences of homeowners when it comes to style.

What Makes Awning Windows Different?

Awning windows open outwards from the bottom, as their hinges are located at the top of the window. This gives this type of window its name, as the open window creates an awning over the window space. This unique opening allows for plenty of ventilation, but it also protects from allowing moisture inside the window when open in weather conditions like rain or even snow.

Because of this manner of opening, these windows can be placed higher up on walls, which allows for greater privacy while still letting lots of natural light in. They provide versatility, and are a great option for homeowners that are looking for something that’s different from traditional windows – or to get a window for a particular situation. Awning windows are also available in a variety of different materials, making them easy to fit into any budget, design, or space.

What is the Benefit of Awning Windows?

One of the main benefits of awning windows is the ventilation they provide. Because of their unique sizing, they can deliver optimal ventilation and lighting when compared to more traditional windows. The increased ventilation comes through their design. Because they’re hinged at the top, they can remain open even in less than ideal weather. They prevent the rain from getting in, while allowing the outdoor air to still circulate through your home.

Awning windows are generally very energy efficient, as well. They tend to leak less air than other traditional windows, and that can allow for the warm air to stay inside when it’s chilly outside, and keep the cool air inside when it’s too hot to keep the windows open. This helps with energy efficiency in both the winter and summer months. Awning windows are also notably very secure, and this type of window is also one of the most affordable options for those on a tight budget.

Finding the right windows for a particular situation can help complete the aesthetic of your design, while fitting into your budget. The contemporary look and versatility of awning windows have made them a popular option, and they can also be customized to fit a number of situations. For more information on awning windows, or to find out how they might fit for you, reach out to the experts at JDI Windows today.