6 Awesome Denver Window Awning Ideas

If you’re looking to make some home improvements this season, you might be considering the addition of awning windows. Awning windows are awesome for homes in the Denver area since they all offer safety, great ventilation, protection from rain or snow even when left open, and of course, a very appealing, modern look. They’re excellent for the kitchen, over the front door, or even the bathroom, because they still offer privacy as well as a breath of fresh air. Here are the different types of awning windows and how they work for each type of home.

Awning windows open outward and are hinged at the top, unlike traditional windows which slide up or to the side. They can open with ease and shut with just one handle. You can also open the entire sash to have full side to side ventilation as well. The best part is that for people in Denver, and most of Colorado really, these windows can open without letting in rain, snow or hail. That way you can enjoy the sound of a gentle rainstorm without having to worry about moisture seeping into your home.

Basically, all awning windows are built the same. They are all based on traditional casement window designs, but they are mounted differently since they pivot on hinges at the top. Like casement windows, they can all be built differently. Here are some of the options:

Wood Window Awning

If you live in a classic home or are trying to create a classic charm for a newer home, wooden awning windows are a great choice. Wooden awning windows are considered the most attractive to people all over the country. As pretty as they are though, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them in usable condition. They can warp, decay, or rot over time so they will need to be replaced every couple of years. Wood awning windows are on the pricey side too, but they are cheaper than steel.

Steel Window Awning

Steel awning windows are by far the most durable awnings on the market. They are also quite unique in their design and for this reason, are only available from a limited number of providers. As one of the strongest building materials, steel is incredibly strong, making it great for home security and a long lifetime. If you’re looking for a sleek and modern or industrial look on your home along with very little maintenance and upkeep, steel windows will work the best if you can find them. Keep in mind that while they are the most expensive windows on the market, you won’t have to replace them often and they don’t require much work.

Cellular PVC Window Awnings

They’re very similar to wood windows since they look pretty much the same. However, this material looks a bit more modern and is mostly preferred by homeowners and developers that are seeking a durable material alternative from wood that is also low maintenance. It’s also economic and saves energy when compared to wood or steel.

Vinyl Window Awning

These windows are a great choice if you’re in the process of flipping a house and want to worry about your budget more than the overall appearance of the windows. Vinyl awning windows are very strong and won’t chip, rust, swell, rot, or rust. These are the cheapest awning windows on the market and can really shine up a house even on the lowest budgets.

Aluminum Window Awning

Aluminum awning windows are both solid and sturdy, even though they’re designed with such a light material. Aluminum windows can also pull off that sleek and modern or industrial look like steel awning windows but will cost much less. Many homeowners and land developers use aluminum awning windows because they look trendy on new loft buildings and apartment homes. They also require very little maintenance and are much cheaper than wood or steel but more expensive than Vinyl.

Fiberglass Window Awning

Fiberglass awning windows are hardly ever used and make up less than 1% of all window frame materials used. On the other hand, though, they are the most energy-efficient out of all of them. They are also up to 3 times more durable than aluminum, making them good for security and highly versatile. Fiberglass awning windows are also cheaper than wood and steel but can cost up to 30% more than vinyl.

All of our awning windows are designed to save you money by using the most energy-efficient window panes whenever we can. Using these materials, you can find yourself lowering your heating and cooling costs while also updating the overall look of your home. Awning windows can also increase the overall comfort of your home as well as its curb appeal and overall value if you’re getting ready to sell. Like all of our windows, you can expect a lifetime of maintenance freedom and excellent performance.

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