What Steps are Involved in Window Installation?

Window Installation

If you are considering replacing your windows, it can be confusing and you may not know where to start. At JDI Windows we can provide you with everything you need to feel comfortable before you start your window installation. There are a few main steps involved in the process. The day of installation will involve our crew coming to your home and briefing you, followed by a few main steps.

1. Preparation

The first step of window installation is to prepare everything. This might include placing drop cloths and protecting your home around the work areas. This will prevent debris from making its way into your furniture, carpet, or from damaging your items. We take extreme steps to keep your home looking wonderful and staying protected. Next, we will remove your current windows.

2. Getting the New Windows in Place

After removing the old windows safely, we will clean up the opening. When it is done, the new windows will be put into place.

3. Insulating and Sealing the Windows

The next step is extremely important and essentially helps us to keep your heating and cooling bills low. This takes place once we have the window in place. The next step involves the installers insulating and sealing the frame. This will keep it in place, and provide that the window is energy efficient. This is probably the most important step of the installation process.

4. Cleaning Up After the Installation

After installing the windows, we have a bit more to take care of. This involves cleaning up the area to ensure that everything looks how it did before we entered. The final step involves our technicians taking away your old windows. We will also clean up debris, and ensure that everything is sparkling clean. Our installers may even clean up your home a bit more than before we came, as a bonus.

How to Prepare for a Window Install

There are a few things that you can do to help us get your home ready for your installation. These steps will not only speed up the process of your window installation but make it much smoother.

Be sure to remove any blinds or curtains on your window. You should also remove any items around your windows. This includes couches, dressers, rugs, or other furniture. Move this all out of the way. Finally, be sure that there are no objects near an access door. This should be fully cleared away so that our installers can walk in and out of your home easily and swiftly. By providing us with an easy environment to work in, we can get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, after providing you with an incredible window installation service.

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