Types of Replacement Windows


If you have been thinking about replacing old wood or vinyl windows, then you have many different options. There are many styles and features of Replacement Windows that could be right for you, so you need to look into all the different options and pick one out of the rest.


Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung, and are very commonly found. They are especially found in coastal areas or parts of the country with high wind. The defining feature of a single-hung window is its fixed top sash. This is different than double-hung, because only the bottom portion operates. This is good if you need to lock windows in weather-affected areas. These are harder to clean than double-hung, and are also usually less expensive.


Double-hung windows are a popular style and can be found commonly in homes as well. They usually have dual tilt-in sashes and are easy to clean as compared to single-hung. These also allow a breeze to come in with both the top and bottom sash that can be lowered and raised. These are typically a better choice for families with children at home to keep the windows secured.


Completely different from single and double hung windows, sliding windows slide open horizontally. These are common in kitchens and as sliding glass doors. They are easy to use and give you a great viewpoint into the outside world.

Casement & Awning

Casement and awning windows can be installed both vertically and horizontally. They either open and swing-out, or open from the bottom. They open by turning a hand crank and are found in places where you need security to keep the windows closed.


Picture windows do not open. They are usually used near the roofline, or when you want to add more light without sacrificing security. These windows are also great on recessed walls, vaulted ceilings, or other areas where you cannot easily reach to open. In some cases, you might put these windows and conjoin them with other window styles.


This is not the most common style on the market, but they have their place in many homes. They are often referred to as special shapes because they come in every shape and size. You might choose to put them where you have sharp angles, soft corners, or rounded areas.  They are perfect for areas of customization and can fit anywhere that you need to place them.


The hopper window is something that is often used in the basement. They can be used in garages and attics, or anywhere else that you want to easily ventilate. They usually have an inward opening which is great if you have limited space.