New Year, New Custom Windows

What better way to kick off the new year than with custom windows? We get asked all the time whether or not custom windows are actually necessary, and the best answer we can give without coming out and physically assessing your existing windows is: “it depends.”

Sometimes people go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick up stock sized windows because they’re a little cheaper than custom windows, but they neglect to realize that window openings can be irregularly sized. The hassle of trying to calculate whether or not it’s cheaper to take the windows back and pick up custom windows can be frustrating, and it can be very expensive to make the opening bigger or smaller to fit the stock window properly. It adds more work and more expense to your window replacement project, which can even cancel out the money you saved choosing stock over custom windows.

Aside from that whole disaster, there are very few options available for stock windows as far as aesthetics go. Custom windows usually offer much more flexibility for window design than windows you can pick up at the hardware store.


New construction windows (which are windows that aren’t custom-fitted to your home) come in standardized sizes and most hardware stores or window supply companies carry them. In newer houses and new construction projects, the homes are typically fitted with the standard sized windows in mind. This means that measurements are standard, and it helps the construction crew cut costs and get those houses put up faster.

On the other hand, we have custom windows, which are windows specifically designed and crafted to fit a home’s window openings for older homes and homes that just don’t fit the standard sizes. Custom windows are great for all homes though, because custom windows fit in the openings much tighter, which improves the aesthetics of your windows from inside and at the curb, as well as improving your home’s energy efficiency.


While we totally support do it yourself-ers, window replacement is one of those things that you should always consult a professional about first. You should always get a custom quote and take accurate measurements with a window replacement professional before buying anything since you can never be sure if the windows will fit or if it’ll cost a ton of money or take too much time to do it on your own. A professional contractor will be able to assess your home or business window openings and take your energy efficiency needs as well as aesthetic wants into consideration since of course, you should never have to settle for anything. A professional can also help you determine if custom windows or new construction will be a better fit for your specific needs and budget.


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