Is a Broken Window Covered by Insurance?

For some homes, a broken window is inevitable. Find out if it is covered by insurance.

Our homes are structures that protect us from the outside world and constantly changing weather. Most of us consider them to be safe, sturdy, and secure. This is true—sometimes. Windows are one point of vulnerability for the home, and they can be fairly easy to break. When they do, will your insurance cover it? Let’s find out.

Broken Windows and Insurance

There are countless ways for a window to end up broken. A rogue baseball, a local vandal, or even inclement weather can result in your windows being broken. As an essential part of the home, windows need to be repaired, but who will pay the bill?

The Cause of the Break

One big distinguishing factor when determining if insurance will cover a broken window or not is the cause of the break. As we all know, accidents happen, but this kind of accident is generally not what homeowner’s insurance will cover if you or a member of your household causes it.

On the other hand, those exceptional scenarios can be covered by some insurance policies. If a bad snowstorm sends a stone-sized piece of hail through your window, your policy might cover it. If someone breaks your windows as an act of vandalism or to gain entry to your home during a break-in, these factors can be covered.

Natural wear and tear is something that is not covered by most insurance policies for windows—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t covered at all. Some products can carry their own equivalent of insurance in instances where the product carries a warranty.

Knowing What is Covered

Insurance plans can often have similar core features, but there are varieties in all of them. Depending on who your insurance company is and what your plan covers, your broken window might or might not be covered.

The best way to find out if your insurance does cover these kinds of issues is by contacting them directly or partnering with a window company that works with insurance companies. Your insurance experts will be able to determine whether or not your home has that coverage. In some cases, you might even be able to add it. It is always good to know what is and is not covered.

The Takeaway

When a window breaks on your home, it can be a frustrating development that leaves your home feeling compromised. Depending on the nature of your break, you might be able to get the fees covered or partially covered by insurance. In some instances, there might be alternatives to coverage that will apply to your windows as well. The best way to get your window repaired is by working directly with a Denver window company that can help you to navigate the situation and get your windows replaced as soon as possible.