Can I Get Odd-Shaped Windows?

Odd Shaped Windows

If you have an odd-shaped space in your home, then you may be wondering if you can get odd-shaped windows. Whether this is because one of your windows simply does not fit, or you need a specialty shaped window, then you will need something different from the traditional shape.

These odd-shaped windows are beautiful to look at, but when it comes to putting windows into them, it can be hard to know what to do. We have outlined a few options below for when you are looking for odd-shaped windows from Amerimax Windows Denver.

Types of Special Shape Windows

Specialty windows come in different shapes and sizes. Each one is specifically designed for your home, which means they will fit perfectly each time.

Common special shape window types include:

  • Circle
  • Half-circle
  • Quarter-circle windows
  • Gothic windows
  • Hexagon windows
  • Octagon windows
  • Pentagon windows
  • Transom windows
  • Trapezoid windows
  • Triangle windows

Pros & Cons of Odd Shaped Windows

Special shape windows have many benefits. Not only do they increase curb appeal, but they also do not open. This leads to energy efficiency because you will no longer have a draft or increased ventilation problems.

Because these types of windows are inoperable, maintenance is very simple. All you will need to do is clean them regularly, and then wait to make money on your return when selling your house. Specifically, if you plan on selling your home in the next 10 years, adding custom windows will provide a higher price tag on your home because they are a custom and unique feature.

It is good to note that odd-shaped windows can be more difficult to obtain maintenance from some window companies. This is why you should return to us after purchasing your Amerimax windows, so we can provide maintenance or replacement if necessary.

Shades for Odd Shaped Windows

With odd-shaped windows, you might be concerned about finding shades. This is not something to worry about, as many window coverings work perfectly with odd-shaped windows.

Honeycomb Shades

If your windows are arched at the top, then you can use honeycomb shades to cover them. These can look like a fan and can either be moveable or fixed. The second option in this case would be to put a movable arch shade. These create a consistent, unified look.

Cellular Shades

These shades are good when it comes to skylights. Whether they are triangular or rake windows, these can help to cover your odd-shaped windows.

Choose JDI Windows for Installation & Replacement

If you are looking for something other than your typical window design, then contact us at JDI Windows. Whether you are looking for something crazy, or something out of the ordinary, we can provide the highest quality windows at the best price.

We can make your vision come to life with our team of well-trained professionals. With no money down and an incredible warranty backed by the manufacturer, we know our windows will make your home look amazing. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer, and what we can do for you.