Why choose Amerimax Windows?

Published January 13, 2020 by JDI Windows

At our Denver windows company, we are extremely proud to offer a full collection of windows through the Amerimax line. We believe it what has helped us stand apart and be one of the most successful and popular companies in Denver. These windows are more than ‘just’ a product to us; they mean so much more to your home and your life, and we respect this.

The Story Behind Amerimax

Amerimax windows in Denver provides many great benefits, both for us as a company and for you as the consumer. We know that when we sell Amerimax windows, our clients are getting the best materials out there, without paying an arm and a leg for it. That alone is enough for us, but there is more to Amerimax windows and their beneficial role in a home’s design and build. We even have matching sets for doors and windows, in many different styles and options.

Why We Use Amerimax Windows
(And Why You Should, Too!)

Plenty of good can be sung in praise about the Amerimax window brand. We take who we partner with very seriously at JDI Windows, with over 50 years of experience in the field of windows in Denver, and a company that is over 20 years old dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our customers have never had a shortage of good things to say about our Amerimax windows, which is why we continue to offer and provide their excellent products.

The Many Benefits Of Amerimax Windows

Take a look at just three of the biggest reasons Amerimax is our company’s preferred window.

Stylish & Unique

Amerimax windows feature a gorgeous look to them, one that stays looking crisp and clean even after years of use. Plus, these windows don’t look generic and average. Instead, they carry a very powerful aesthetic punch and look extremely unique. It’s changing the way Denver homeowners look at their homes, patios, and porches. Amerimax is the preferred brand for unique windows that have some of the more odd measurements. With older Denver homes, this is perfect!


At JDI Windows, we can offer you a large selection of Amerimax windows. Here are just a few of the styles that we get most commonly:

  • Bay windows
  • Patio doors
  • Projected sashes
  • Casement windows
  • Double slider windows
  • Picture windows
  • And more!

Amerimax is a brand that we have found fits any size or style, so for our versatile company design and clientele, it’s a perfect source for us. You’ll love them, too!


We don’t offer Amerimax windows just for their incredible look and design, or even their sturdy makeup. It’s got a lot to do with the effect these windows have on your wallets, and we don’t just mean when you buy them through us!

Amerimax windows are known to be energy efficient, so you’ll even see a difference in your energy bills. Fewer resources will be wasted and sent into the outdoors, so you’ll be paying less to continuously keep your home heated or cool.

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