How Do Private Policy and Terms Affect Me?

Published April 27, 2020 by Firestarter

Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions are long and boring. Most of us don’t read them though we check the boxes that say we do. Despite the length, we might be wanting to give them a little bit more of a look next time we come across one. Privacy policies and terms on a website are interesting and sometimes very important. We all know the old saying about reading the fine print, well, this is an example of fine print.

What Is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is any legal document or set of text that discloses what data is collected from any user and how it is used and stored. Virtually every website on the internet has one at this point. And the rules around a privacy policy can change drastically, especially on a state-by-state basis, forcing all websites that operate in any given state to adopt the privacy regulations of that state.

History of Privacy Policies

Back when the internet was new and flourishing, very few websites had privacy policies. In 1998, only 14% of the sites out there had some form of privacy policy. Despite this, the vast majority of websites out there gathered personal information from their users. The result was a privacy policy, enforced by the government, that made sure websites disclosed what data they were collecting from their visitors.

What Data Do Websites Collect?

Websites can collect virtually any data you volunteer to them. But there’s more than one way to give them permission to use your data. Enabling cookies allows them to track your movements over the internet where they learn more about you than you originally disclosed to them. There’s also a brokerage of data between websites where different organizations will aggregate the data they collect and use it to make inferences about you, about your political affiliations, sexual orientation, religion, and many other pieces of your life you may not have originally given them permission to have.

Our Promise

We’re transparent in our privacy policy and terms. We let you know what data of yours we gather, how we’ll use it, and why doing this can help us help you to have the best possible experience as a customer. You can view our privacy policy for full details but know you can see and edit your details on our website at any time, though we do retain public comments indefinitely. If you have any data on our website, you have the right, at any time, to request an exported file of that data for your personal records. You can also request this data be expunged.

More details on that exist on our own privacy policy, which is important to read and understand fully before checking any boxes or saying yes to anything. We value your privacy and safety. Contact JDI Windows with any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

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