How Can I Improve My Landscaping?

Published March 15, 2021 by Firestarter

Everyone wants to have that house with a beautiful, green lawn. Not only is it nice to look at, but it increases and boosts curb appeal. This will give your home a good look, and a higher value. It is known that curb appeal landscaping boosts property value and delivers big returns for small investments. Here are a few ideas to implement into your Denver Landscaping.

Make Your Lawn Green

Although it might seem obvious that you want a green lawn, it is not always as easy as it seems. There are ways to make your lawn green though, even if you think you have tried everything. By adding lawn food into your regime, you can easily transform it. Using food with at least 5 percent iron plus essential micronutrients can enhance the greening process. This will give your grass a rich, vibrant hue. Keep your lawn looking its best, and feed it every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season. This can help you attain a gorgeous lawn with little effort.

Paint the Front Door

It is not necessarily grass or landscaping, but the exterior of your home is part of the overall look. You can completely upgrade your home’s look by painting the front door. Choose a pop-out color that coordinates, but also contrasts to the rest of the house. Common color combinations are white and grey with black shutters and a red door, or a turquoise door on a light brown or dark red home. You can even add color-matched planters on your front porch, or landscape with flowers that match.

Refresh Your Mulch

Your planting beds will look great if you apply mulch when you originally plant them. You will also want to replace the mulch every so often as it will soon grow thin over time. When it seems to be thin, add another few inches, but be sure to keep it away from stems and trunks of trees.

Wash the Windows

Windows make your entire home look different. Be sure to do some yard work and get all the cobwebs and debris removed with a garden hose. Then you can wipe the sills, remove the screens, and wash them. Go on the outside window surfaces using a mixture of a dish detergent with a splash of vinegar. Always rinse the windows after and remove all of the soap. Then use a squeegee on glass surfaces after the final rinse.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

You might not realize it but allowing your trees and shrub to overgrow just looks bad. This is why you should remove branches that cover your home, address numbers, walkways, or windows. Stand in the street and be sure that all entryways are visible, Be sure to also remove extra limbs, and allow grass to always be touched by the sun.

These easy tips can quickly help you to increase your curb appeal and improve your landscaping. Let us know if you need help or have any questions implementing this on your own or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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